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Precision Rimfire 22 Challenge October 11, 2020

It was a rainy dreary day with the remnants of Delta coming through, up from the Gulf, which probably suppressed signup and turnout. Anyway, it didn't rain seriously until the final scoring and cleanup, and the wind wasn't as gusty as I expected. 

Rob O turned in another great performance in Tactical (76), as did Jeff K in Varmint (82). We had a couple shooters at their second match, doing much better than their first foray. It helps to know what to expect. The mini plate racks we made last year didn't work as expected so everyone got full credit for stage 7.

The new targets this time were paper - sort of KYL type targets. Think of a standard bullseye 0-10 point target. Now cut it in quarters by cutting it in half vertically and horizontally through the center. What is left of the bullseye is still 10 points, but 3/4 of the misses get you a zero. I LOVE that :-) These were at 90 and 150, with the 90 quite small, and more difficult than the larger one at 150.

We only had 2 challenge matches this year, so best 2 out of 2 for the season scores - link is to the left, along with the link to the results of this match.

Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot and most of all THANK YOU to everyone that helped with setup and teardown. None of the matches would be possible for me to do alone, and especially not this one.

No pictures of this match. Too busy!

Course of Fire

Varmint division shoots all stages from the bench. [Tactical division positions in brackets].

  1. Standard cold bore paper target @135 (0-10 bullseye points) 1 rounds/20 seconds [prone ]
  2. Sighters @150  n/60 [bench]
  3. Up to 15 shots into a playing card@60 (1 each not touching edge or another shot) 15/120 [bench, no bags]
  4. 1 egg from near rack, far KYL paper, 1 circle from far rack@60,150,120 (1, 0-10 bullseye points, 1) [middle hole of upright bar stool]
  5. 1 circle from far rack, near KYL paper, 1 egg from near rack@120,90,60 (1, 0-10 bullseye points, 1) [top of spool laying on one disc side]
  6. 2 eggs near rack, 2 circle far rack, 1 silhouette on stand@60,120,150 (1,1,2,2,3) [top of bar stool]
  7. Mini plate racks@70 6/60 (2 each) [bench, no stool] - CANCELLED/FULL CREDIT FOR ALL
  8. * KYL @50 (8/90) (1,1,1,1,1,2,2) [15 jumping jacks on clock, bench]
  9. * 5 poppers (4 w/noshoots, 1 dino) @89,113,115,69,93 – (2 ea, -2 for no-shoots, +2 points for 5 hits) 6/60 [sit on stool, support on rope]
  10. Hostage shot, on fire! @65 (10 for target, -5 for hostage)1/1 [TBD]

    * These stages are shot one shooter at a time, the others are all at the same time.

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