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PracticalDefensive Carbine

Practical Concealed Carry is a one day, intermediate level class, dealing with the practical issues and practices of carrying and using a concealed firearm.

  • It's a great class for those with new Concealed Carry handgun permits but no follow-up training.  
  • It is NOT the class which qualifies you to obtain a NC Concealed Carry permit.
  • PURPOSE: Provide the student with foundational knowledge on which to build their skills in the art of self-defense with a handgun. Students will leave this course as educated beginners with a tool kit of drills and practical knowledge on which to practice and build up their proficiency.

  • Topics: 

  1. Safety Briefing
  2. Range Commands
  3. Class Philosophy - Mindset, Situational Awareness, training with purpose, efficiency. 
  4. Understanding your Weapon System
  5. Fundamentals of Marksmanship - Stance, Grip, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Recoil Management, Running the Slide, Press-Check
  6. Drawing from holster and safe re-holstering
  7. Dry-fire and Live-fire drills, including
    1. Ammunition Management - tactical and emergency reloads. 
    2. Recoil Management
    3. Malfunction Clearing
  8. Debrief/After-Action Discussion
  1. An open mind, willingness to take instruction and the ability to challenge pre-conceived notions we’ve all learned from YouTube instructors and Hollywood.  This course teaches only practical, real-world techniques.
  2. A functional, compact or duty-sized semi-automatic handgun with at least five (5) magazines (Glock 19 or larger).  No subcompact (Glock 26, SIG P938) handguns or revolvers permitted.
  3. A strong-side holster with a sturdy belt and multiple-magazine carrier.  Appendix carry, small of back, cross-draw, purses, belly bands and shoulder holsters will not be permitted in this class; however, all these forms of carry will be discussed.  It is more efficient and safer to teach the class with everyone using the same gear.  For safety reasons, no holsters with active retention (SERPA holsters) will be permitted.  A molded Kydex holster manufactured specifically for your model of firearm is highly recommended, but leather holsters are also acceptable.  If you are in doubt, please contact the instructor prior to class.
  4. At least three hundred (300) rounds of factory-loaded, copper-jacketed ammunition.  No reloaded ammunition or steel-core (armor piercing) rounds are permitted.
  5. Red-dot optics are permitted (and in fact encouraged).  Red dot sights should be sighted in at ten (10) yards prior to class.  If you have questions about how to properly sight-in your optic, contact the instructor prior to class.
  6. Weather conditions are often rapidly changing in North Carolina, so please dress appropriately and in layers.  Class is held rain or shine, as you cannot pick the weather for your gunfight.
  7. A packed lunch is recommended – food options are limited in the DPRC area and lunch will be held to a strict 1-hour time limit.
  8. Water, lots of it.  Hydration is important, as this will be an active class.


  • $150.00 per attendee.  DPRC Members get a $25 discount

Directions to club and amenities

  • Visit Contact page to get driving directions
  • Download printable driving directions from Greensboro / Raleigh
  • Soft drinks and Snacks are available for purchase in the clubhouse. 
  • Restrooms are available in the clubhouse.

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