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precision Rimfire

2022 Event Dates

Registration for each match opens noon 2 weeks before the match.

2023 Match Date will be posted in November 

March -

April -

May -

June -

July -  

August 14 - Register

September 11 - Register

October 9 - Register 

November 13 - Register

December 11 - Register for Pizza – Free fun shoot, lunch, awards, prizes!

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Annual Series Match Results

2020: May (Cancelled), July, October, 2020 Totals

2019: April, July, October, 2019 Totals

2018: April, July, October, 2018 Totals

2017: July

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Precision Rimfire competitions are designed to provide a safe, FUN, accessible, yet challenging precision rimfire match for both novice and experienced level shooters with varying types of rimfire rifles. Whether you are new to shooting, or have become a seasoned pro, Precision Rimfire matches will be an entertaining experience for you, your family members, and friends.


Required Equipment: Hearing protection, eye protection.

Rifles are classified into 2 categories - sporter and other. Please see Precision Rimfire Match Rules  for details of the equipment allowed and required for sporter and other rifles.


There are 4 divisions in which to compete (iron/dot and challenge matches don't use all the divisions):

  • Sporter: Sporter rifle, shooting at 50 and 100 yards from benches in regular matches.
  • Target:  Any rifle, shooting at 50 and 100 yard from benches in regular and iron/dot matches.
  • Varmint:  Any rifle, shooting at 50, 100, and 150 yards from benches in regular matches and challenge matches.
  • Tactical:  Any rifle, shooting at 50, 100, and 150 yards from various positions in regular, challenge, and iron/dot matches.

The Tactical Division positions will be more technical and physically challenging.  The shooting position for each stage will be defined and can be of any common or real world type position including but not limited to prone, kneeling, seated, supported standing, etc…  It utilizes stage props that require competitors to shoot from an improvised shooting position. The Tactical Division allows the use of shooting sticks, packs, and other equipment typically utilized in a DMM or PRS style match.

Regular Matches

These are the classic Precision Rimfire matches that DPRC has done for several years.

  • "Tee time" / relay format - after registering you choose a squad. Squads of 3 start every 20 minutes through the late morning and early afternoon. Each stage is 20 minutes to shoot, score, and reset, so it takes 40 or 60 minutes to complete your match. Please be at least 15 minutes early to check in.
  • Sporter and target divisions shoot 2 stages, at 50 and 100 yards. Varmint and Tactical shoot 3 stages, at 50, 100, and 150 yards.
  • Targets are small knockdown steel targets, on racks of 20. Each stage consists of 1 minute for any number of rounds on a sighter plate next to your target rack, and then 5 minutes for 20 shots (no more) at your 20 targets. Your score for the stage is the number of plates that are on the ground.
     50 Yards
     100 Yards
     150 Yards
     Easy 3” circle 5” IDPA 6” IDPA
     Medium 2” circle 3” circle 5” IDPA
     Hard 2.25” egg 4” IDPA 3” circle
     Challenge 1.5” circle 3” IDPA 4” IDPA

On the 100 and 150 yard stages there will be an additional unique and challenging target. If the shooter has a perfect 40 or 60 score for their division after shooting all their stages, an additional 30 seconds will be given for one shot at that extra target, making a perfect match score either 45 or 65.

  • Competitors will reset and paint their targets after shooting.
  • You may enter the regular match twice, in different divisions.
  • Entry Fee: Free for Lady's & Youth, $10.00 for members & Guest's


The 22 Challenge matches are patterned after the excellent Utah Long Range Shooters 22 Marksman Challenge matches (check them out on Youtube).

  • "Tee time" / relay format - after registering you choose a squad. Squads of 8 start every 90 minutes through the late morning and early afternoon. Please be at least 20 minutes early to check in.
  • Varmint and tactical divisions only, the only difference being whether you shoot from bench or various positions.
  • The course of fire will be different for each match. Targets will be placed anywhere between 50 and 150 yards, and will vary within stages (different ranges to targets in the same string of fire). Targets will generally be in the 2-5 MOA range, but some may be smaller.
  • Targets will be primarily a wide variety of steel, but others will be mixed in – matchsticks, playing cards, clays, whatever is fun and not easy to hit! Maybe even an occasional interesting paper target. There may be penalty (hostage) targets that partially obscure scored targets.
  • Target distances will be posted at the match, but not announced ahead of time.
  • Stages will average 1 minute long, for a few shots. There will be a little more time pressure on some stages than the regular matches, but bolt guns will still mostly rule.
  • There will be approximately 9 stages, with a total of 40-60 rounds required. On some stages, extra rounds will be allowed.
  • Some stages will be shot by all competitors together, and some one at a time.
  • Reset and some of the scoring will be done after all shooting is complete for the squad.
  • Scoring will vary with the target arrays and difficulty, but a perfect score will always be 100 points. Good luck with that :-)
  • One entry per competitor.
  • Entry Fee: Free for under 18, $15 for members, spouses, active military, $20 others

Annual Series Awards

There are awards for each division of the regular matches (best 3 scores) and for the challenge matches (best 2 scores), given at the December fun shoot, awards, door prizes and lunch event.

Directions to club and amenities

  • Visit Contact page to get driving directions
  • Download printable driving directions from Greensboro / Raleigh
  • Soft drinks and Snacks are available for purchase in the clubhouse. 
  • Restrooms are available in the clubhouse.

Match Director

  • Contact the match director at match-pr@dprc.org with any questions, or to be added to or removed from the match registration announcement list.


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