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Precision Rimfire 22 Challenge JULY 30, 2017

The inaugural 22 Challenge match was on a beautiful, if occasionally gusty July day in the low 80s (!). We ran a little over on time learning how to set it up and run it for the first time, but everyone had a good time with this very different format. Everyone went home with something to work on to improve for next time for sure!

Thanks to everyone who came out today for our experiment. Scores are linked to the left. Congratulations to target and overall winner Ashley with a 80 (out of a possible 100), and to Dan Nosbusch with a 57 to win tactical division. Shooting from awkward positions instead of the bench makes it even more challenging.

We ended up running 3 squads today, at 10:25. 12:05, and 2:10 with a total of 13 shooters completing the match.

THANK YOU to everyone that helped with setup and teardown. None of the matches would be possible for me to do alone, and especially not this one.

Course of Fire

Target division shoots all stages from the bench. [Tactical division positions in brackets].

  1. Cold bore shot on paper @117 yards [bench, after 15 jumping jacks on clock]
  2. Sighter plate, not scored @100 [bench]
  3. * 5 flag targets, near to far @50,75,100,125,150 [any two barrier side steps, no bench or stool]
  4. 5 decreasing size plates on rack @50 [seated, stool or ground, no bench]
  5. * Alternate long range silhouette and closer spinner hits @150,90 [rifle supported on upside down 5 gallon bucket]
  6. 5 matchsticks, 10 shots, sever the head to score @42 [bench, standing (no stool)]
  7. * 5 poppers, left to right @50,55,85,65,68 [through barrier bottom port]
  8. 5 decreasing size plates from rack @100 [rifle supported on diagonal brace carpeted section]
  9. * Find your limit – shoot til you miss on 8 swinging steel pages 2″, 1.75″, 1.5″, 1.25″, 1″, .75″, .5″, .25″ @50 [prone, supported on high barrier]
  10. Hostage shot – single shot, on the fire command, don’t hit the no-shoot partially blocking the target @60 [prone]

* These stages are shot one shooter at a time, the others are all at the same time.

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