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Precision Rimfire 22 Challenge October 14, 2018

It was a great day for shooting today - no heat, a little cool, almost no wind. It sprinkled off and on all day, but mostly off. I only saw the wind flags move a couple of times all day - dead calm.

The setup was shorthanded today so we started late, and the 7th shooter in each squad added a little time. Next time I will figure out how to schedule or run it to stay on time.

We welcomed several new-to-us shooters, including a couple from near Richmond, VA to today's match. We had a new target today -  a very small "plate rack" - 12" wide total, with 5 plates - the edges of 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", and 3/16" steel. At least it was easier than matchsticks :-)  We had one successful run of the know your limits target, one "oh so close" miss on the last one that dropped a score from 97 to 86. Most decided to take the points in hand instead of pushing their luck and stopped in the middle somewhere, but quite a few did miss and lose their KYL points.

We had some great shooting too! Very good scores overall today. Jim C, Gary Stevenson, and Dan Allen topped Varmint with 94,90, and 86. Mike Burns, Charles Ward, and Stephen P led Tactical with 89, 71, and 69. Match and the final summary Challenge results for the season are posted with links to the left.

Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot.

THANK YOU to everyone that helped with setup and teardown. None of the matches would be possible for me to do alone, and especially not this one.

Course of Fire

Varmint division shoots all stages from the bench. [Tactical division positions in brackets].

  1. Cold bore shot on paper @110 yards [bench, weak side]
  2. Sighter plate, not scored @150 [bench]
  3. * 5 orange poppers, left to right @Varies 60-120 yards [barrier - seated, support on any step]
  4. * Alternate long range silhouette and closer spinner hits @ 90,150 [barrier - any hole but bottom]
  5. Dual hostage flipper + 1 KD @75,140 [seated on the ground, can use upright bench]
  6. Regular match KD rack - 1 row of 5 targets @135 [rifle on bench, standing]
  7. Plate rack @50 [prone, but standing at rear edge of concrete at start]
  8. * Know your limit – stop when you want, miss gets 0 for stage. @50 [barrier lowest hole]
  9. Regular match KD rack - 1 row of 5 targets @80 [standing with wobbly post]
  10. Hostage shot – single shot, on the fire command, don’t hit the no-shoot partially blocking the target @70 [seated, rifle supported on 2x4 on flat side between benches]

* These stages are shot one shooter at a time, the others are all at the same time.

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