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Durham Pistol & Rifle Club
3973 S. Jim Minor Road Haw River, NC 27258

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Regarding the Governor’s latest Executive order number 121, and the fact that golf courses can continue to operate, Durham Pistol Rifle Club (DPRC) will remain open.

The order states:

People are encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyles, including outdoor recreational activity, such as walking pets and jogging. While exercising, individuals should maintain social distancing and continue to take protective measures to maintain their personal health and well-being.

DPRC shall remain open with the stipulation that only persons living under the same roof as the member are permitted to accompany the member as a guest. Amended May 8,  to allow guests that are outside the member's home. Instructors and Match Directors wishing to resume events should submit plans to address social distancing.

DPRC encourages our members to observe Gov. Cooper’s orders to stay at their residence and limit social interactions and travel for essential activities to limit their exposure and possible transmission of COVID-19. The health and safety of our members is the number one priority during this situation.

DPRC members may continue to use the club facilities as long as they are maintaining six (6) feet of separation from other members, and fewer than ten (10) members are gathered inside the clubhouse AND at any one range. 

Members and their guests are not permitted to congregate in the clubhouse. Members found in violation of the Governor’s order will be asked to leave the club and may result in loss of privileges.

Please use basic common sense. Please be sure you are washing your hands after shooting and using the restrooms. Be sure to wash your hands before touching ANYTHING inside the clubhouse, including doors and doorknobs. Sanitize your hands before touching the clubhouse doorknobs.

If you are sick, STAY HOME. Please look out for one another and stay safe.

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