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Durham Pistol & Rifle Club
3973 S. Jim Minor Road Haw River, NC 27258

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Interesting in teaching at DPRC?

DPRC requires instructors to provide proof of insurance coverage of $500,000 per incident and $1 million aggregate.

Submit your instructor registration or insurance update form here 

Submit your 2024 class request form here 

2024 Terms and Conditions for Instructors:

  • I will not hold DPRC responsible for the condition of the classroom or ranges. I am responsible to set up the classroom and ranges prior to the class, provide all materials required for the class, and clean up the classroom and ranges afterward. I will leave all facilities as they were prior to the class.

  • DPRC will not be responsible for any items left in the classroom by students or instructors. 

  • I will not allow live ammunition in the classroom and will announce this prior to the start of class.  Exception: reloading classes, which allow live ammunition but forbid the presence of firearms. 

  • I will verify that all firearms brought into the classroom are checked by an instructor or RSO to ensure they are empty and safe. 

  • I will provide at least one NRA-certified Range Safety Officer whenever more than one shooter is on the firing line, or more than one student is handling firearms. I will provide at least one RSO for every five such students. Instructor does NOT count as one of the required RSOs.  I will ensure that the RSOs properly attend the students whenever weapons are being handled. 

  • I will ensure that all range activities follow DPRC’s Range Rules unless specifically exempted by waiver approved by the DPRC Education Committee. 

  • I will ensure that all students sign the “DPRC Liability Waiver” form to release and hold harmless DPRC with respect to injury, disability, death or loss or damage to person or property, or do so via DPRC online registration. 

  • I will, within two weeks after the class or event,

    • Submit a brief report for the class (number of students, issues, etc.) to and 

    • Pay the required DPRC Education fees to DPRC.

      • If students paid through the DPRC PayPal account, request the net amount due you: the total paid to DPRC minus the total DPRC Education fee. 

      • If you owe DPRC, mail your check to DPRC, 3973 South Jim Minor Road, Haw River NC 27258. 

      • DPRC Education fees:  

Classroom: Up to ½ day: $5 per student. More than ½ day: $10 per student per day.

Ranges: $20 maintenance fee per class, plus student fees: for ½ day: $5 per student.  More than ½ day: $10 per student per day.

  • All personal information of Durham Pistol and Rifle Club (DPRC) members is considered confidential and will be safeguarded by all individuals who are given access to this information. The number of people given access to this information will be kept to a minimum at all times. Members’ personal information will only be used if officially approved for a specific DPRC  function, and the information will not be shared with anyone not requiring access to perform his or her duties for the club. When those duties are completed, any copies of this information will be destroyed or returned by the individual given access, and that person’s access will then be removed. No personal use of this information is ever allowed.

  • Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action as determined to be appropriate by the DPRC Board of Directors. These actions may include loss of instructional privileges, removal from position held; suspension of DPRC membership; termination of DPRC membership, as provided for under the DPRC Bylaws; or legal action.

Questions not covered here - Contact our education committee 

Detailed description of all policies and procedures: DPRC Education Policies for 2024.pdf

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