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Durham Pistol & Rifle Club
3973 S. Jim Minor Road Haw River, NC 27258

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Bullseye - October 14, 2023

  • Saturday, October 14, 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Range 2 and Clubhouse
  • 12


  • Junior shooters (20 and under) shoot for free. Junior shooters will be accompanied by an adult.

Registration is closed

The clubhouse will be in use ALL DAY on BOTH days during this event.  

North Carolina Service Pistol Championship, Service Revolver Championship, and 22 Rimfire Championship.   There will be three 900 aggregate matches run simultaneously using any CMP legal service pistol, CMP legal Service Revolver, or CMP legal 22 Rimfire EIC pistol.    You may shoot using either a service pistol, service revolver, or a 22, but you must choose only one.   This gives a good opportunity to shoot a 900 aggregate match using the gun of your choice to prepare for the EIC relays to be held immediately following.   Awards will be given in all three matches.

   Service Pistol EIC, 22 Rimfire EIC,  (NRA) Distinguished Revolver, and Service Revolver EIC relays will be held after the match.   The Service Revolver EIC will ONLY be held on Saturday, but the other distinguished relays will be combined with relays fired after the NC State Championship match on Sunday.   You may fire in these matches either day, but NOT on both days.

NOTE:  CMP rules for 2023 now allow "any safe ammunition" to be used in all pistol matches.  Jacketed ammo is no longer required for service pistol.  For more info and other changes read the rules at:

There will NOT be any sight in practice session before the match.

   ** Starts at 12:30 pm**   We have a lot to do so don't be late.

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